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A New Standard
In Automation Services

Providing Services To Cover Your Automation Needs

We are located in Heber City, Utah and service Heber City, Park City,  Salt Lake Valley, and Utah Valley areas. 

Let Automation Take Your Vision To Higher Levels

With today's connectivity and the development of IoT products, integration of your imagination has never been easier.    

We can help you build your next project or provide the troubleshooting to keep your equipment running. 

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Industrial Automation

Residential Automation

We carry the products to integrate your home into your life. 

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Remote Monitoring

We keep an eye on your hardware so you don't have to. 

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Commercial Automation

From lighting and blind control to video conferencing and the network to make it happen. We got you covered. 

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Building the framework for your innovation.

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Unprecedented Quality
Impeccable Reliability

I've been in the automation world for 20+ years.  Within that time I've had opportunities to work on projects from engineering test labs to remote troubleshooting drilling rigs, and had the privilege to be part of a project that was featured on Modern Marvels. This involvement has allowed me to view different areas, and processes in the world of automation. These experiences have developed my skills to be able to provide an excellent service.  


I enjoy solving problems, finding out what was the cause, then figure out how to improve the system is what I strive to accomplish. If you have an issue, lets discuss and see if we can help. 

Our Partners

Are You Ready For Automation

Are you wondering if automation is right for you?  Contact us and lets brainstorm some ideas. 

"Automating The World
That Automates You"

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